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Jillian Williams

Jillian Williams is Founder and Stylist of Jillian’s Closet. Her impeccable eye and exquisite taste have long prompted friends and family to seek her fashion advice. Well-versed in the “rules” of fashion, Jillian possesses an uncanny knack for knowing when to bend or break them.

Jillian works with all shapes, sizes and personality types, as well as with men, women and kids alike. She can style the cutest five-year-old boy or girl just as well as a mom on the go. Her number one goal is to successfully capture her clients’ ideal style goals.

Who or what inspires you?

I am inspired by new fashion trends and the changing of seasons. Staying abreast of the latest trends keeps me on top of my game, giving me the tools to work with each individual client.

If you could be head designer for an existing TV show or movie, what would it be?

Sex and the City, I love the fashion and style of all the different characters, especially Carrie. She is edgy, yet classy. She exudes confidence with everything that she wears. You can have the greatest outfit, but it’s how you rock it that makes the difference.


$85 for 1 hour

Shop with your Stylist
$100 per hour – 2 hour minimum

Closet Revival
$150 per hour – 3 hour minimum

Fresh Eyes
$500 for 5 hours

Style Concierge
$500 for 5 hours

Shopping List
$100 for 1 hour

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