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Tribe of Dumo was launched in Houston, Texas in 2015 as an African-Inspired accessory line. The name is taken from Designers Ijeoma and Chioma’s shared last name, “Odumodu,” which means “lion” and invokes strength. Both women are members of the Nigerian Ibo tribe, a group known for their industrialism, artistic qualities, drive for educational improvement and business development.

The bold, ankara prints used in Tribe of Dumo’s designs originate from the mid-19th century, when West African men were deployed by Dutch armies to Indonesia as both slaves and mercenaries. These men returned home with the beautiful Indonesian prints which have since become an important part of African fashion. Tribe of Dumo strives to bring African Fashion to the world’s stage, marrying those textiles with everyday western styles and striving to make every man, woman and child feel like a part of the Tribe of Dumo, where culture meets couture.

Who or what inspires you?

My family is my inspiration. From a designer standpoint, i would say Onyii and Co, Stella Jean.

If you could be head designer for an existing TV show or movie, what would it be?



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